Krafty Kids Art Class (Ages 9-12)

About This Class

What You Learn

  • How to express creativity on paper
  • Special drawing techniques

What You Get

  • All the materials they will need
  • Participants will take their finished art pieces home with them.


This class offers a wonderful range of creative drawing techniques for your child to practice! They will learn from the wonderfully talented instructor Izzy MacKirdy how to create designs to take home and try! This is an interactive workshop designed to inspire young artists focusing on artistic skills and techniques. 

This class encourages children to explore and express their creativity through drawing materials. They will develop confidence exploring stippling, hatching, cross hatching, and scribbling to make the animals! 

The children will create an A3 size peice with a colourful underwater or beach scene including animals that live near the ocean.

The children are supplied with everything they will need

Check out Izzy MacKirdy Art on her facebook page @izzymackirdyart

What To Bring

  • Just yourself!

What To Wear

  • Casual

Target Audience

  • Primary age group (9-12)

Venue Location

Blarney Books & Art, 37 James St, Port Fairy VIC 3284, Australia