Super Sharp Knives

About This Class

What You Learn

  • Knife maintenance and blade protection
  • The best stones, steels and off the shelf sharpeners
  • Get hands-on practice learning how to properly sharpen your knives

What You Get

  • Workbook for future practice
  • The knives you brought will be sharpened!


Regardless of whether you’re a professional butcher, chef, cooking enthusiast, or you just like learning new skills, knowing how to properly sharpen and care for your knives is one skill you should be adding to your set.

Blunt knives are dangerous and require more effort to cut and to sharpen.  A sharp knife requires much less force to cut into food, giving a user greater control over their blade. A dull knife can slip rather than cut, and once this happens the blade can go anywhere. 

Most people don't know how to sharpen a knife and keep it sharp.  In this class, John Trigg will take you through the secrets of a fine and long lasting edge.  Blade care, storage and proper cutting techniques are covered - all of which you get to practice under John's supervision.  You learn about the different blade types, the different grinds and what to look for in buying a knife.

The class begins with a short theory session on sharpening followed by a demonstration in setting an edge as well as burr removal, honing and touching up.  We then get into the practical session of sharpening and cutting where you get to sharpen the knives that you have brought with you. 

This class will help you choose the right knives for the right job and what type of sharpening tools and methods are the most effective. Stones, steels etc. It will also include how and where to store your knife during and after you are finished working and OH&S issues related to the use and sharpening of knives.

What To Bring

  • Your own sharpening stones or implements
  • Your own knives to sharpen

What To Wear

  • Casual clothes

Target Audience

  • Chefs, hunters, cooking and learning enthusiasts

Venue Location

TBC, Hamilton VIC 3300, Australia