That's what its all about!

At the skill-shop our mission is to bring people together and build community through learning.

We also just love seeing people with amazing skills so passionate about their craft. We have found many of them love sharing their skill but it hasn’t always been easy to do that.

This is how the skill-shop got its start. “Ok” we said – “lets change that – what do you need?”. The list actually wasn’t that long – good venue, easy booking system, help to develop materials – done.

With so many things out there shouting at us for our attention these days – who wants to come home from work and go off to a cooking class?  Well if you’re not sure, why not try it? You might just turn on a skill you never knew you had. Who knows where it will take you? You will meet people who are keen to learn and share their skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

We are fans of the lost trades movement – bringing back some of the “nana technology” that is all too quick disappearing in this age of automation. You can be part of this movement and the skill shop can help provide the way.

Got a skill you’re willing to share? We’d love to hear from you. Not sure about standing up in front of a class? That’s ok – we can help there too. To enable us to fulfil our mission – we need to make it easy to participate. We provide you with the tools to share your passion – and we provide those who want to learn from you the best environment.

“Like many highly educated people, I didn’t have much in the way of actual skills.” – J Maarten Troost. Um, some of us had to say amen to this when we started talking about starting the skill shop.

For some of us, we realised we might sound pretty savvy, but we couldn’t pick up a drill, boil water or sew a button on! Luckily we also believe in the ability of the human being to learn – so we have a little saying down at the skill-shop – “anyone can cook!” (- Chef Gusteau – Ratatouille)